Kimono higasa parasols' Photo Gallery

I would like to introduce my works I have shown in the following 3 exhibitions.

Mingling the elements of the west with the traditional beauty of Japan,

I created a new style of higasa parasols with the essence of Japan and the west.

Exhibition list

June 2017 
in Art de Art View
(Takatsuki, Osaka, Japan)

Retour du Bonheur -Reencounter with Happiness- Tamio Shibata's Kimono Parasol Exhibition

June 2019
in Nelimarkka Museo

The 51st the CAEA (Club des Amis de l’Europe et des Arts) International Open Call for the Finland Art Award Exhibition
(和 Wa Kansainvälinen Japanilaisen taiteen näyttely Alajärvellä)

October 2019
in Naramachi Koshi-no-ie House
(Nara city, Nara, Japan)

"Wa" ceramic ware of Musubi exhibition

Note: The photos taken by the visitors are licensed. Please do not use them without my permission.